Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: SK3W Operator(s): SM3EVR, SM0EPO, SM0GNU, SG3P, SM5IMO Station: SK3W

Class: M/M HP QTH: Fernebo Operating Time (hrs): 24

Summary: Band QSOs Mults

 80:  568    44
 40: 1219    69
 20:  977    72
 15:  203    41
 10:   31    16

——————- Total: 2998 242 Total Score = 1,662,782

Club: Top of Europe Contesters


Mini multi/multi. We managed to keep only 3,5 stations QRV due to problems with computers and amplifiers. 40m was a positive suprise with good opening all night long. Our 40m-stack was brought back in business on Saturday and SG3P was still climbing the tower when the contest started. We had great fun. Seems we had a very tight race with OH5Z. Always inspiring to compete with our friends in OH. Pictures from the contest can be found at

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