Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: SK3W Operator(s): SM5AJV Station: SK3W

Class: SOAB HP QTH: Operating Time (hrs): 24 Radios: SO2R

Summary: Band QSOs Mults

 80:  151    36
 40:  286    44
 20:  596    69
 15:  588    66
 10:  199    40

——————- Total: 1820 255 Total Score = 1,180,650

Club: Top of Europe Contesters


Finally a SAC contest with fine openings on 10 meters! The use of the scoreboard was fun and sometimes frustrating to see others being ahead with very good scores. So congratulations to OH8DX (op. OH2UA) who had one of these rare polar openings that I simply didn't hear at all.

A big THANK YOU to all stations and especially all of you that QSY'd for me to get a ”new one”.

Finally I am very greatful to the station owner SM3SGP who let me work as Single Op at his super-station. Also I would like to extend my thanks to all people in the background of a big multi-multi stations, doing endless of unpaid work with antennas, towers, buildings etc.

More info about SAC, claimed scores, records etc. can be found at

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