Call: SK3W Operator(s): SM0MDG, SM5AJV, SM5IMO, SM5EPO, SM5TXT, SM3SGP Station: SK3W

Class: M/2 HP QTH: Operating Time (hrs): 48

Summary: Band QSOs Mults

160:    5     4
 80:  324    42
 40: 1031    58
 20: 1328    58
 15: 1310    58
 10:  953    58

——————- Total: 4951 278 Total Score = 4,125,798



Nice and relaxed contest. ARRL DX has great pile-ups and good time periods when you can rest. Contest started great, but Aurora hit on Saturday evening, destroyed low band propagation second night. Unfortunately we did not prioritize 160m the first night.

SM5TXT was operating remotely from home all contest, and the whole crew left the station 6 hours before the end of the contest and finished from home. The Remoterig control worked great, and no problems squeezing in the two K3's and two computers controlled via RDP/Teamviewer on a 600kbps ADSL link.

New claimed Swedish record.

Some photos and comments here:

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