CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: SK3GW Operator(s): SG3P Station: SK3W

Class: SOSB/160 HP QTH: Fernebo Operating Time (hrs): 32

Summary: Band QSOs Zones Countries

160:  943    21       83

—————————— Total: 943 21 83 Total Score = 118,144



After finishing third place in Sweden last year ( yes, THIRD!) I wanted to claim my revenge this year. SK6M great topband signal inspired me to try a wire four square.

CQWW Phone was spent with European and World Champions Team OH2U @ OH0Z, and after that my motivation was on top.

The weekend before the contest I gathered all needed parts, and with lots of help from SE3M, SM3GUE and SE3A we were able to put up four full-size wire verticals hanging from the towers. With only six hours of day light per day, we were happy to get all running in just a weekend. Unfortunately we did not have time to sort out the remaining issues such as: final tuning of radiators, radials and complete check of the comtek switch. (Borrowed from SM5AQD TNX!)

When the contest started I had: Antennas tuned for 1770kHz, lots of wasted power in the dummyload, Comtek showed flat VSWR curve between 1950-2150kHz and high VSWR in the shack on 1810-1850 (broken or not properly tuned hybrid?). 7-8 radials on ground per vertical. Despite this the antenna showed pretty good F/B.

To start from the end: NO, I did not break the SM record by SM0AJU @ SL0W from last year. I have 3000 points higher score, but after logg checking this will most probably be lower. The last hours was a BIG fight to keep the rate up, and with two hours left of the contest I almost gave up. But, after 9M2AX and 9N7JO called in with strong signals on their sunrise I was suddenly closer again. I also heard a couple of stations calling others, but never me: 9Y4AA, SV9, VK6, CM6YAC, TI5N, JA:s ( Did NOT work ANY JA!) and a couple more…

Mistakes: A good rate on 160m is not the same as on 20m. I left my run frequency too often to look for mults. In the end I got used to the new Tentec Orions Sub reciver, for multiplier/qso search. I am used to beam JA or NA on other bands, but this new antenna for 160m was too tight on the back to let the EU:s be strong enough. Since about 90% of the QSOs comes from the south, it is preferable to be strong in that direction too. Probably took too much off time.

Highlight: Help and support from friends to get the antenna ready. I now can hear the stations SK6M are working ;-) The antenna can be improved by some tuning and a proper ground plane. It was the right choice to upgrade to a Tentec Orion.

I have a feeling that I was NOT so loud? Only 7 stations spotted me during the weekend. Please send recordings and comments to

73 de Gus, SM3SGP

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