To do list for Debian/Ubuntu packaging

  • Create empty /etc/svxlink/local-events.d directory
  • New optimized compiling ( ?? Tobias )
  • Update descriptions ( ?? Tobias )
  • Do not include svn files. Tar –exclude-vcs. Or use svn export.
  • New dist clean target in makesfiles to clean everything. Needs to be implemented in ”rules”
  • Remove: Libsvxlink package. Not needed.
  • remotetrx init file is not copied to /etc/init.d
  • qteluserdoc is not registered in doc-base
  • man pages for the libs: libecholib, libasyncaudio, libasynccore, libasynccpp, libasyncqt
  • convert to deb-src 3.0


  • Rename svxlink deb file to svxlink-server
  • Rename svxlink deb file to svxlink-server
  • Change name remotetrx and qtel package
  • Qtel man is now installed correct by the makefile.
  • Add svxlink user to audio group and serial device group (uucp?)
  • Add svxlink user
  • Decide if svxlink and/or remotetrx should be started by default.
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