Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: SK3W Operator(s): SM3EVR (15), SM3OSM (10), SM3SGP, SM5IMO (20), SM0GNU (40), SM0OEK (80) Station: SK3GW

Class: M/S HP QTH: Operating Time (hrs): 24

Summary: Band QSOs Mults

 80:  392    47
 40:  865    64
 20: 1125    77
 15: 1029    80
 10:  559    69

——————- Total: 3970 337 Total Score = 3,252,387

Club: Top Of Europe Contesters


We operated multi/multi (missing alternative in submittal form).

We had a very smooth operation and no problems with the equipment. We bring most of the equipment to the site and assemble the set-up just in time for the contest. Conditions were decent but they were even better before and after the contest. 10 meter was a nice surprise with good stateside openings.

Thanks for the QSOs and great to see the high level of activity from WRTC participators. See you in the SSB part coming weekend.

73 de Dan/SM5IMO

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