# A variable repeater_start_time should be added to the repeater_up function in RepeaterLogic.
# set repeater_start_time [clock seconds]

# The function qso_warning plays a message when the
# the Repeater has been up max_qso_time. It will be played
# every minute for the time specified in warning_period.

proc qso_warning {} {
  global mycall;
  variable repeater_is_up;
  variable max_qso_time 1200;
  variable warning_period 180
# add this function to the every_minute check??????
  Logic::addTimerTickSubscriber $func;
  set epoch [clock seconds];
  if {repeater_is_up} {
    if {$epoch-$repeater_start_time >= $max_qso_time && $epoch-$repeater_start_time < $max_qso_time+$warning_period} {
      spellWord $mycall
      playMsg "Core" "repeater"
      playMsg "Core" "qso_time_warning"
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